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Seena API Documentation


Our API interface is used to integrate Seena's services with client's projects. The API is designed for developers and is accompanied by detailed documentation.


Seena’s REST API works over the HTTPS protocol . All answers return in the form of JSON structures.

Seena APIs

Base URL

All references to API requests in this document include the root URL:


Once you have signed with Seena, you will be provided with API token (Authorization: Bearer your_token).

API token: You can authenticate with our API by providing the appropriate API token in the request Authorization header.

HTTP status code

Code 200 success    We will send it with all successful requests.

Code 400  error        We will send it with all failed requests.


1. Send payment request

To send a payment request to Seena network, send a POST request to:    /add-payment-request

Request body scheme

phone  String



price  Float

required & more than 500

currency  String



Request example


    "phone": "00966501208980",

    "price": "500",



     "notes":"this payment request"


Currency Code example



Response example    (HTTP status code 200)


    "msg": "Payment Request Added Successfully",

    "status": "success",

    "code": 200,

    "data": {

        "payment_request": {

            "price": "500",

            "notes": "this payment request",

            "created_at": "2023-10-31T14:34:39.000000Z",

            "payment_link": ""




Code                                 Description

200                                      Payment Request Added Successfully

400                                      Validation error Example (The phone field

                                             is required. )

2. Callback

After payment process we will send payment transaction details on your callback link


    "phone": "01007132399",














: "500",

     "notes":"this payment request"


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